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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Afghanistan Unveiled

Afghanistan Unveiled is an absolutely gripping documentary by a team of young female Afghan journalists, with 19-year old Shekeba Adill (pictured above) at the center. They journey into the harsher provinces of their country, which most of them have never seen because of constant warfare.

Their trip to Bamiyan, which we last heard of when the Taleban blew up the Buddha statues there, is heartbreaking as a widow shows how the community of Hazara women and children subsist on potatoes and lentils with no reliable means of heating water. She continues to speak, as though the cameras have unleashed a lifetime of suffocated pain. Her story moves forward into an explanation of how the Taleban executed the Hazara people with a vengeance. She shows the killing field where their men were executed. To read more about the plight of the Hazara, go to, and check the Independent Lens web site for PBS show times of this amazing documentary.

Preview for "Afghanistan Unveiled"


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