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Friday, October 29, 2004

Usama's a Michael Moore fan?!

In an absolutely bizarre twist, Usama has surprisingly opted out of the pre-election attack for a pre-election video, of all things. What's more bizarre than him eschewing what proved to be such a powerful tactic in Spain is that he subscribed to the most specious logical stretch of Moore's magnum opus, which holds that the 9/11 attacks were more injurious because of Bush's prolonged presence in a Florida classroom.

Though he says that neither Bush nor Kerry will make him stand down, he clearly has done better than Joe Lockhart could have ever hoped by spinning this election a full 180 degrees. In addition to being dispirited at the failure to catch Usama, Bush has to be dismayed that he's still alert and connected enough to drop a bombshell on the US media cycle with pitch-perfect timing. Just in time for the Sunday talk shows to parse every last implication of the tape and far enough ahead of the election to be disseminated to every last American with a TV, either through news reports or soon-to-be-minted attack ads, Usama's tape should be a resounding condemnation of Bush's utter incompetence in waging his "War on Terror".


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