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Monday, September 20, 2004

Top 10 things overheard at the RNC.

  1. Okay, one of those three guys has to be Alan Keyes.

  2. Nonsense. Who would be offended by Purple Heart band-aids?

  3. Look, there's disingenuous filmmaker Michael Moore whose film I haven't seen.

  4. Don't worry, I went AWOL from the Austrian Army in 1965, and it didn't cost me politically.

  5. Hey! Who do I have to torture to get some service around here?!

  6. Osama? O-sa-ma? Nope, doesn't ring any bells.

  7. Maybe they are identical twins. I certainly couldn't tell which was the smart one.

  8. Yes, Mr. Schwarzenegger, it does look a little like an elephant's trunk.

  9. Trust me Mr. Vice President, Zell Miller is oversimplifying and distorting Senator Kerry's votes on weapons systems, not your recommendations as Secretary of Defense.

  10. Hello, Mr. Nader. The usual?


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