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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Kerry Debate Tactic

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I have an idea for a Kerry Debate tactic. An awful idea. NastyBoys got a wonderful, awful idea.

Sometime during the last debate, when he is asked a question, Kerry should just stand there and not say anything. When his time is almost up, he should ask everyone how they felt when he didn't reply to the question in a timely manner. Most would wonder what he was up to, or be upset that he appeared not to be aware that he was asked a question. At this point, Kerry should then point at Bush and say,
"If you can be upset at me for appearing unaware of what was going on, with no lives on the line, then by god, you should all be upset at what our President did while sitting in that classroom on 9/11, after the 2nd plane hit one of the towers"


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