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Friday, August 13, 2004

Yucca Mountain

Oh dear. If you are at all in favour of John Kerry, stances like this really should frighten you. He's decided to court Nevada's 5 electoral votes by taking a hard stance on Yucca Mountain, which is where the nation stores all of its nuclear waste. At his web site, he's posted some of the more specious spin that his campaign has yet produced in a piece titled, "The Truth on Yucca Mountain".

His argument? Bush promised to base his decision on storing waste at Yucca Mountain on "sound science". Kerry maintains that Bush broke that promise by ignoring the General Accounting Office (that's right, "Accounting"), which was worried that implemenation wouldn't go as planned. And as for hard science, Kerry cites the Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board which forewarned that Yucca Mountain had not adequately anticipated the possible complications over the 10,000 year life span of nuclear waste.

So, because Bush approved Yucca Mountain despite two minor concerns amidst a sea of scientific approval, Kerry is hoping to win in Nevada.

Remember how Tyson used to leave his feet to throw a knockout punch? If that punch landed, you were a goner, but in order to brutalize his opponents, Tyson left himself so vulnerable that even the most pathetically competent fighter, like say Buster Douglas, could knock him down. Kerry's got to stop cherrypicking political opinions in an attempt to beat Bush. Each week that passes with more poorly thought out positions sees Kerry provide more footholds for the Bush war machine.


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