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Thursday, August 05, 2004


Well, that was faster than I thought: John Kerry attacked Bush today for staying too long in the classroom after he was told about the second plane hitting the WTC. I figured he'd hold off on this until the debates, and try to pretty it up a little.

But no. True to form, he simply did what so many bloggers and bulletin board posters did, and spun a valiant image of how his actions would have been far more noble and presidential.

Great. Good for you. We'll test that scenario when you're President during a massive terrorist attack, John.

But in the meantime, is this how anyone wants a candidate to run? Monday-morning Quarterback scenarios based on extreme propaganda?

I held my tongue at his veiled reference to F9/11 in his convention speech, because it was well-disguised. His throwaway line about the Saudis is very much how I figured his campaign would approach the classroom footage: refer to it obliquely, and use it as part of a more solid, reasonable argument.

Unfortunately for Kerry, he's decided to try a full-frontal approach. Much like his F-bomb in Rolling Stone, he'll see how it plays, and go from there, and I'm here to say, that if he's your man, you better be worried.

[Cue the Bush-should-have-left-right-away-Counterpoint:]


Bush should have left right away!
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So simple, isn't it? Yet, the Prez couldn't even pull that off.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you take a good look at that video of doofus boy sitting there? What did you see?

I saw someone who was totally overwhelmed with indecision. He had no idea what to do. It was written all over his face.

Failed Lab Experiment

10:59 PM  
Blogger jodru said...

But that's entirely the point. If you simply see the footage as Moore allows it to be seen, with his cute titles and accusatory voice-over, Bush looks like a fool, when, in fact, all he's doing is sitting in a chair.

Moore conveniently leaves out the footage of Bush's exit. We don't know what was whispered to him. Think back to how confused you were when you saw or heard the second plane hit.

I spoke to the Pentagon shortly after the second plane hit, and my good buddy, whose job it was to know what was going on, had no clue. The chaos behind him was screaming through the phone, and all he could say was, "We just confirmed they were commercial jets."

So, the DOD, which is the nerve-center for Bush, was in a state of total confusion as we see Bush getting the message in his ear. The five or seven minutes that he spent in the classroom after getting word of the second plane's crash were only the beginning of a prolonged period of confusion on the government's part. His instinct to not panic was completely correct.

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You gotta be kidin me?

His decision not to panic was correct! That's laughable!

The guy was totally lost, Jodru. He didn't know what to do. He was frozen with indecision. You can see it in his facial expression(s). Doh, what should I do? Where's Karl? Andy?

Gimme a break!

Failed Lab Experiment

2:14 PM  
Blogger jodru said...

That's pretty unfair. I don't see panic at all on his face. Imagine if there were a camera on you when you found out. I found out pretty much the same way. Someone told me over the phone. I had no access to TV. All I could do was imagine what was going on, and I probably looked a lot like GWB.

I think you're allowing yourself to be swayed by Moore who is so clearly manipulating that footage to cast Bush as an indecisive coward.

9:48 PM  

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