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Monday, August 09, 2004

Why all politicians are idiots, including the left:

Especially the left, in my opinion, but let's set that aside to talk about Alan Keyes.

When Hillary carpetbagged it to the biggest media market she could get her grubby little paws on, Alan Keyes was one of many people on both sides who condemned her shamelessness, which seemed a dim evocation of that of her husband.

Only four years later, Keyes is moving to Illinois to establish residency only three months before the Senate election in that state. There's a sickening sense that the GOP ran out and found the first dynamic black candidate they could find to run against the Dems new star, Barak Obama, but Denny Hastert assures us that it's nothing so dreadfully superficial. He simply points out that no one else had the money to run for the seat. Keyes had the requisite millions of dollars; so, he got the bid.


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