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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Who's Blacker?

Well, it was inevitable that a race between two black men would descend into a contest of who is the blacker. Alan Keyes took the low road early, saying that, as a descendant of African-American slaves, he is a truer representative of his community. Obama paid lip service to the speciousness of the argument, but didn't hesitate to offer up the fact that his father was a British servant in his native Kenya.

NASTYBOY replies:

Forget who is blacker. It's an insignificant sidebar to a more important question.

"Where is the uproar from the people that complained about Hillary Clinton being a carpetbagger? Isn't Alan Keyes doing the exact same thing?"

More hypocritical crap!


What's more uproarious: accusations of carpetbagging or racial elitism? Both issues are shamefully idiotic. What Hillary Clinton did in NY was just as distasteful as what Keyes is doing now. None of it's pretty, as we like to say around here.

NASTYBOY replies:

I consider the racial elitism to be a foofaraw. I'm still waiting to hear the uproar over the carpetbagging of Keyes by the same ones that complained about Clinton.

(chirp chirp)


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