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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Partisanship II

In his review of the new novel Checkpoint, which depicts an assassination attempt on GWBII, Leon Wieseltier lets loose on the dreary state of political discourse these days:

"...the virulence that calls itself critical thinking, the merry diabolization of other opinions and the other people who hold them, the confusion of rightness with righteousness, the preference for aspersion to argument, the view that the strongest statement is the truest statement--these deformations of political discourse now thrive in the houses of liberalism too. The radicalism of the right has hectored into being a radicalism of the left. The Bush-loving mob is being met with a Bush-hating mob. Liberals are forgetting why liberals are not radicals."

Of course, mobs meeting mobs makes for great entertainment, too.


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