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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

It started at a young age.....

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Isn't there a point where you take a step back and realize how specious something like this is? Or do you really rest easy in the comfort that a thirty-year old photograph confirms your hypothesis that GWBII is an unethical man?

Hey, if it's just for entertainment value, then by all means, let's post as many silly old pictures as we can find. How about a pic of John Kerry leaving his wife? Oooh, or how about some audio clips of that fake-ass English accent that Kerry used when he was in his twenties? That would show him to be the real, blue-blooded elitist that he is.

Or we could just agree that both these guys are chumps, and debate what really matters: their policies.

NASTYBOY replies:
  • I didn't take the picture.
  • I didn't right the caption underneath.
  • I only provide what is out there.
  • Politics ain't pretty, but it is pretty funny!
Do you have a picture of Kerry leaving his wife? It must be a hoot. Send a copy my way. I'd love to post it. This site is all about the ironic, hypocritical, and downright stupidness of Politics.


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