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Sunday, August 15, 2004

"But he's so mean!"

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A conservative Web-based group has targeted cartoonist Ted Rall with protest letters sent to more than a dozen newspapers that publish his work as well as his syndicate, Universal. Rall has responded by denouncing the "Borglike hive-mind of reactionary Republicans."
"Stuff like this is the result of a point-and-click blogger subculture. It's only something that started when the Bush administration took power. The right is reactionary. They like to indulge in censorship. The First Amendment is not really their friend."
The letters e-mailed and faxed were identically worded, according to The Aspen (Colo.) Times, which received about 100 of them, and called for the axing of Rall's work on grounds that it is "melodramatically ideological, simple-headed, snarling, and tasteless." The letters identified the source as, billed as "America's First and Foremost Online Conservative Community."

Just another case of the Republicans trying to censor something they don't like.


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