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Friday, July 16, 2004


I'm a big fan of it. It keeps me entertained, and it keeps America honest. When it's batting 1.000, it keeps legislators from passing new laws. That's like hitting the trifecta.
Election years offer up the most fun, of course, and nothing trumps conspiracy theories for entertainment value. The Dems have had four years to chip away with their conspiracy sledgehammer: the GOP is a cabal of elite business men who control the world through secret societies and closed-door deals.
Now it's the GOP's turn to dust off their conspiracy warhorse: The Dems are controlled by a liberal elite which will take away your individual rights and install a socialist government.
Not that they ever really took a break from bashing each other with these, but this week provided an especially ripe opportunity for conservatives like Sam Brownback to reinterpret this old conspiratorial chestnut during the gay marriage debate,  "They [GOP] do not believe a small group of activists or a tiny judicial elite have a right to redefine marriage and impose a radical social experiment on our entire society."
It's like having your grandpa read you fairy tales at bedtime. I love this stuff!


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It's posts like this one that make me glad I made you a member!

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