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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

It's your,it's your fault!

Continuing with the theme that they can do no wrong, the Bush Administration is now blaming the military for the failure to acknowledge that they were facing a well-armed guerrilla war in Iraq.


Blogger jodru said...

It's not the Bush administration which is doing the complaining, at least not according to anything except the first paragraph of that article. It's analysts and consultants. Not to say that the complaint isn't justified, but I'm just pointing out that it's not like Bush is pointing the finger, as he is in the photo you posted, at his military for leading him astray.

Indeed, his finger should be pointed squarely at Rumsfeld, who treated this war as an experiment in future war techniques. The focus on a swift strike through to Baghdad has become a more tragic mistake with each passing week. Because of the myopic focus on reaching Baghdad, the troops bypassed huge weapons stores which were never secured. Many soldiers have recounted stories of having to pass by weapons dumps without even being able to relay their positions for subsequent teams to secure.

So, while Rumsfeld was playing with remote controls and speeding towards Baghdad, the opposition was raiding the arsenals he'd ignored on the way.

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