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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I just love quotes

You really do need to be careful about what you say. With so much whining about Edwards not having the necessary experience to be Vice -President, let's take another look at what Orin Hatch(R) had to say about Bush while he was running for President.
"You've been a great governor," Hatch declared of his rival for the Republican presidential nomination. "My only problem with you, governor, is that you've only had four and going into your fifth year of governorship. . . . Frankly, I really believe that you need more experience before you become president of the United States. That's why I'm thinking of you as a vice presidential candidate."


Blogger jodru said...

Part of the fun of partisanship is the sheer obstinacy of its practitioners. No partisan ever seems to tire of condemning the other side for engaging in the same tactics which it employs.

Eventually, campaigns will just be rival talking points updated every minute on a weblog. What's the difference if you hear Mary Matalin say Edwards is too inexperienced to be President or Robert Novak? They're all reading from the same memo.

Anyway, the Dems have all decided their response, which is stupefying at best: "John Edwards has more experience at this point than GWB II did when he ran in 2000."

Whatever you say guys. Bush had been the Chief Executive of one of the largest states in the Union for roughly the same amount of time that Edwards has been a US Senator. Let's leave it at the fact that they were both young and relatively new to politics and move on to the next pseudo-argument.

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