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Monday, July 05, 2004

Florida at it again

More than 2,100 Florida voters -- many of them black Democrats -- could be wrongly barred from voting in November because Tallahassee elections officials included them on a list of felons potentially ineligible to vote, a Herald investigation has found.

A Florida Division of Elections database lists more than 47,000 people the department said may be ineligible to vote because of felony records. The state is directing local elections offices to check the list and scrub felons from voter rolls.

But a Herald review shows that at least 2,119 of those names -- including 547 in South Florida -- shouldn't be on the list because their rights to vote were formally restored through the state's clemency process.

Miami Herald


Blogger jodru said...

Lest we forget, Bush lost the popular election by 542,895 votes, which was roughly .5% of the popular vote.

In Florida, he won the counted popular election by 537 votes, out of a total of 5,825,043. In case you're counting, that's less than 0.01%!

All's fair in love, war and politics, no? Why wouldn't the Republicans pursue this completely legal angle? 47,000 Floridians is a full 0.79% more than Bush won the election by! Or, more simply, it's 87 times the margin of victory in 2000!

If 2,119 of those names should not be on the list, that's only a margin of error of 4.5%, and those people should absolutely be given their constitutional right to vote. But, part of a felony conviction is the loss of voting privileges. The Republicans are smart to follow the technicalities, because it may well be the margin that seals another victory for them.

The real question is: Why aren't the Democrats being similarly small-minded? With such an obscenely small margin of victory in 2000, and with the now well-documented fact that a full recounting of the Florida votes would have handed Gore the Presidency, why are the Dems sitting on their hands? The best defense, as they say...

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