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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Don't be Girlie Men!

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ARNOLD Schwarzenegger has been accused of sexism and homophobia after the California governor referred to politicians delaying his state budget as "girlie men".

The Hollywood actor turned Republican politician made the remark at a political rally, aiming it at Democrats who, he claimed, were holding up his budget by catering to special-interest groups.

The term "girlie men" first appeared in the United States television comedy show Saturday Night Live in a sketch in which two Schwarzenegger-worshipping weightlifters use it to mock those who do not meet their standards of physical perfection.
I, for one, can't get all that upset over the fact that The Governator used the term "Girlie Men" to describe the California Dems. It's pretty obvious that his speechwriters were told to put a lot of Ah-nold Movie and Television references into his speeches.

The Dems need to get over this. It was obviously a joke.


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