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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Bush and the NAACP

Story here

Unlike Kerry, Bush has declined an invitation to speak at their national convention. That brings his streak to 4 years of declining NAACP invites, making him the first President since Hoobert Hoover to never attend their convention.

When Bush came out for an amendment against gay marriage, or in defense of heterosexual marriage if you want it in NuSpeak, I was struck by how brazen he continues to be even in an election year. I supposed that the next thing he would advocate is a repeal of the rights of African-Americans to vote.

In an election year, to snub both the gay and the black community is just about unthinkable. No candidate is ever going to put in an appearance at the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, but he sure knows that gays vote, and there are enough of them that you don't want to alienate them.

Bush either doesn't know or doesn't care. Unlike the popular characterization of him, I think he's smarter than he lets on, which leaves us with the depressing fact that we have a President who really could care less about millions of his constituents.


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